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Welcome to Circle Plantagenet

This website is dedicated to the music of the Circle Plantagenet (CP) and is designed to enable music to be heard and downloaded as desired.

The CP initially functioned between late 1967 and early 1970 and built a solid reputation and following by playing mainly original music; written by Ken Starks who also sang lead vocals and played rhythm guitar.

Initially the band was active in and around Southampton and Hampshire, with occasional forays into Wiltshire and Somerset and also to London for a few recording demos (nearly but never quite getting a contract).

The membership of the band evolved and devolved between three and five members until calling it a day in early 1970 with four members remaining; those four are now involved in the creation of the music for this website.

In early 2009 two of the original members began to revisit the original material and soon creative juices were flowing again with new songs emerging and the two doubling to four of the original members. These being Ken Starks (songwriter/lead vocals/rhythm guitar); Geoff Baker (bass guitar/occasional lyricist); Chris Godden (lead guitar/occasional harmony vocals); Glenn Lee (percussion/harmony vocals).

The style of music has been described as folk/rock with some r&b influence detectable in some of the songs. However we would just like it to be listened to and hopefully enjoyed on its merits, irrespective of label or assumed genre.

Collective and individual influences will be familiar to those either of a certain age or with any other reason for knowledge of 1960s music from the US and Britain although occasional echoes (and lyrics) reflecting a Spanish feel might be detected.

The choices for the first batch of songs to be made available are a mix of old and new. For example Going to Chicago and Durham Valley Pilgrimage are amongst the early compositions while Download Site Blues and Meltdown are very recent and have contemporary themes.

So we hope you find something to enjoy and recommend on this first `album’ FULL CIRCLE; we certainly intend to follow up with more (and we have lots) if there is a positive response.


A Fool In paris

listen to our brand new album,A Fool In Paris which can be purchased here.

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Latest News

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