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Circle Plantagenet Discography

Full Circle



Circle Plantagenet Full Circle

  Full Circle track listing:-
  1. Meltdown
  2. Durham Valley Pilgrimage
  3. Nor The Moon By Night
  4. Going To Chicago
  5. In The Morning
  6. We Ran In The Fields
  7. Download Site Blues
  8. Melody Man
  9. When Shadows Fall
  10. Natal Blues
  11. Rough House Rita
  12. Ahead Of My Time

Full Circle


track by track guide:-

  • MELTDOWN – a reflection on the `merchant bankers’ and financial systems that have contributed to the economic crisis, (2009).
  • DURHAM VALLEY PILGRIMAGE – inspired by Ken’s first sight of the beautiful view at Durham central rail station, on a journey of courtship,(c1966). *Jimi Hendrix apparently drew inspiration later from the same view to write `Stone Free’ – `every day in the week another city to tour’ etc.
  • NOR THE MOON BY NIGHT – problems when a man falls for a vampire living in an abandoned underground station! Tuneful engaging tale; - amusing but potentially fatal. Don’t do it –even in your dreams! (2009).
  • GOING TO CHICAGO – on one man’s determination to move from the privations of the cotton fields of the American south to the opportunities of the big city in the 1930s; rather brutishly leaving his love behind…`nothing in Chicago that a woman like you can do!’ (1966).
  • IN THE MORNING – a bonded worker in old Spain falls for the Don’s daughter who rides across the estate in Granada. All he can do is… `look at my workers’ hands and curse my fate for what I have become’. Unrequited love! (1968).
  • WE RAN IN THE FIELDS –love gone wrong again and time to move on, (2009).
  • DOWNLOAD SITE BLUES –blues format to a contemporary theme; the perils and pitfalls of online surfing for relationships and bank balance! (2008).
  • MELODY MAN – the tale of a talented minstrel still entertaining friends and strangers alike well into his dotage. Happiest when`…the people there request him all the songs they think are best – he’s so glad the songs he’s written are the songs they choose’, (c1966).
  • WHEN SHADOWS FALL – `and the sandman comes to call’. Melancholic musings of a smitten man; emotions tottering in the twilight. (2009).
  • NATAL BLUES – a reflective, tongue in cheek look at the evolution from hedonistic `singledom’ to the responsibilities of parenthood, (2008).
  • ROUGH HOUSE RITA – A rugby song! `....but appearances aren’t always what they seem!’. The captain of the local women’s team (and she’s Spanish) tackles somebody into touch and bowls over a passing marathon runner. (2009).
  • AHEAD OF MY TIME – basically relates the story of the Circle Plantagenet from the mid 60s onwards. (gestation c1966 -`full termed’2009).